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Demo Days

Save the dates.

There’s a big difference between reading about an airplane in a magazine, or dreaming about one you saw departing a local airfield, and actually flying one yourself.

Jetlounge offers the chance to see for yourself…

You can usually arrange a demo ride at major fly-ins like AERO or Oshkosh, but the logistics of large airshows mean that rides are subject to many varieties of delay or even cancellation for reasons beyond Jetlounges control. The best idea is to visit our showroom. Here we can fly on a more relaxed schedule, answer your questions, and generally show you around. On our dates for the demo flights (please see dates below), assuming the weather is decent, you can get a demo flight in the ECLIPSE 550. A demonstration flight is designed to be an introduction to a new airplane, not a complete demonstration of all its capabilities. After a short pre-flight briefing, the Jetlounge pilot makes the take off and usually hands over the controls on climb out – if you like. The demo flight at our Showroom, Groningen Airport Eelde is free of charge. (A demo flight at your location costs 1.000,00 USD.)

    • Saturday April 22nd, 2017
    • Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

 Write us today and registrate your participation – we can’t wait for you to come to see the airport.


Are you interested in owning and flying your own Eclipse 550 or Eclipse SE? We´re more than happy to tell you all about it.