• Eclipse 550 Safety Crop

Fly Fast. Fly Safe.

Fly an Eclipse Jet.

Safety should be at the forefront of your mind, when you intent to purchase an airplane. Quick travels without worrying about failing systems, weather incidents or accidents, is what you want. The Eclipse 550 & SE was designed to be flown single pilot and to streamline the pilot´s actions into simple, manageable processes. By adding safety features that other light jets can only dream about, the Eclipse Jet is built to be safe and easy to fly. With features that heighten awareness of weather, traffic and other obstacles in flight, the Eclipse Jet will bring you safely and comfortably to your destination.

Eclipse 550  & SE Safety Features
Anti Skid Brake System
Color Weather Radar
Wing De-Ice Boots
Second Standby Display Unit
Auto Throttle
Auto Throttle
Part 135
Part 135 Package
Iridium Sat Phone
MFD Synoptic Pages


Advanced Features. Advanced Safety.

The Eclipse 550 & SE is built to be safe and easy to fly.


Eclipse Quick Reference Application

An iPad App that makes Eclipse flying easy and safe.

Most of the current Eclipse owners are already using this unique tool. To name just a few reasons, it is provided free to Eclipse Owners, Pilots and Operators, works without internet access and provides flight planning (incl. W&B), performance settings and information, and is a perfect in-flight reference tool. It even includes all checklists and emergency procedures as well as digital copies of the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM). Use the App to calculate your mission, safe it for future use or email it to your pilot or other relevant parties.

Weight & Balance
Weight & Balance
Fuel & Time Settings
Distance & Cruise Settings for Trip Planning
Cruise Settings
In Flight Settings for Fuel Reserves
Checklist and Emergency Procedures
Take-off, Cruise and Landing Requirements
Performance Settings for Take-off and Landing Requirements

Please contact us for your personal access to the QRA iPad App. If you are not yet an Owner or Pilot – not a problem, we can give you access on a limited trial basis.


Are you interested in owning and flying your own Eclipse 550 or Eclipse SE? We´re more than happy to tell you all about it.