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Our factory new Eclipse Jet is the only twin-engine jet in production today with an acquisition cost of under $3MM. It also burns 35% less fuel than its nearest competitor and has a direct operating cost that is less than many high performance single-engine turbo-props. The Eclipse features best in class safety, performance and economics. Not only does it allow you to fly in pressurized comfort above the weather at altitudes up to 41,000 feet at a maximum cruise speed of up to 375 knots (430 mph), it does so while consuming just twice the fuel as a large SUV.

Download the Jet Comparison Chart.


AVIO Comparison

Which Eclipse Jet is the right Jet for me?

You may have been asking yourself a couple times: Which one is the best Eclipse version for me? And what are the differences? EAI made a chart that might help you see through the jungle of Eclipse Versions and gives you a general overview of the differences between the AVIO avionic systems and which feature comes with it.

Please contact us with questions. For more information please Download the chart to compare feature availability with Avio.


IFMS Upgrades

Eclipse 500 PLUS™ Program

In 2014 Eclipse Aerospace announced the Upgrade Package ECLIPSE 500 PLUS to all IFMS equipped aircraft. This program is still active and gives IFMS equipped 500 Jets access to many of the technological and safety advancements developed for the new Eclipse 550.Safety features as auto throttle, electric anti-skid brake system and a standby display unit are included in the package. Other features like high-resolution PFD´s and MFD, new glass faced windscreens and the improved air conditions system can bring your current airplane to the latest standard. Even future options like synthetic vision, enhanced vision, VNAV, RAD ALT and ADS-B Out will be available.

Please contact us for pricing and availability and download the PDF file for more information.



Are you interested in owning and flying your own Eclipse 550 or Eclipse SE? We´re more than happy to tell you all about it.

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