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Best in class performance, economics and safety.

When you purchase a jet aircraft, you want to go fast, climb fast, and have the option of landing on short runways. Whether you need to leave from an airport high the mountains or arrive at a short field, the Eclipse SE can get you there safely. Couple that with the flexibility of cabin configuration, the Eclipse can meet a very wide variety of mission profiles to keep you and your schedule moving. Flying the Eclipse Jet allows you to cover multiple cities in a single day, no more overnight stops and early commercial flights.

Uncompromised Safety

Unparalleled Economics.

  • 41,000 ft Service Ceiling

    Flying your aircraft at 41,000 ft keeps you above the weather, so the plane stays above clouds, rain, icing and other detriments to safety and efficiency while flying. Increased altitude will increase the range of the aircraft: the fuel efficiency at 41,000 ft is nearly 10 gallons per hour better than at 37,000ft.
  • 430 mph / 375 ktas

    The Eclipse Jet can maintain a maximum cruise speed of 430 mph (375 ktas), allowing rapid travel between locations. The two P&WC 610F engines on the Eclipse Jet produce 900 lbs of thrust each, for a total of 1,800 lbs of thrust on a jet whose maximum takeoff weight only 6,000 lbs.
  • 1,125 nm Range

    The Eclipse’s range (Max NBAA IFR 100 nm alternate, 4 occupants) fits 70% of all general aviation flights according to a joint study conducted by GAMA and NBAA (fewer than 750 nm, three or fewer passengers). Rather than wasting money flying empty seats from one meeting to the next, the Eclipse Jet maximizes dollars spent on corporate travel.
  • RVSM

    Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums creates six additional flight levels between FL290 and FL410. According to the FAA, this ‘enhances aircraft operating efficiency by making more fuel / time efficient flight levels available; enhances air traffic control flexibility and provides the potential for enhanced enroute airspace capacity.
  • Fuel Consumption

    The Eclipse Jet is the most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet on the planet, consuming a mere 48-59 gallons of fuel per hour in flight. This amazing performance indicator means that you can fly 430 mph at only twice the fuel burn as a large SUV traveling on the interstate.
  • Engines

    The two Pratt & Whitney PW610F turbofan engines on the Eclipse 550 and Eclipse SE are the most efficient Jet engines in the world. Designed for the Very light Jet they offer outstanding performance. Compact and lightweight, the PW610F`s are built with a simplified design that use fewer parts than a conventional turbofan, making it easy and economical to maintain. Capable of delivering 900 pounds of take-off thrust, the PW610F incorporates the latest technology to deliver highly fuel-efficient power with low carbon emissions. It also comes equipped with dual-channel full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) which translates into reduced pilot workload.

Performance by numbers

Safe Time, Safe Money, Fly Safely.


    Max Cruse Speed: 375 ktas
    NBAA IFR Range w/ 4 Occupants, 100 nm Alternate: 1.125 nm / 2.084 km
    IFR Range w/ 4 Occupants, 45 min. Reserve: 1.300 nm / 2.408 km
    Max Altitude / Ceiling: 41.000 ft
    Cruise Fuel Flow: 48-59 gph / 180-223 l/Std.
    Available payload w/ Max Fuel: 636 lbs / 289 kg

    Takeoff Distance (50 ft, sea level): 2.433 ft / 742 m
    Landing Distance (sea level): 2.790 ft / 850 m
    Time to Climb to 35,000 ft (sea level): 22 min.
    Time to Climb to 41,000 ft (sea level): 29 min.
    All Engine Rate of Climb (sea level): 3.424 ft/min.
    Takeoff Distance (at 5.000 ft): 3.881 ft / 1.183 m
    One Engine Inop. Rate of Climb (sea level): 989 ft/min.
    One Engine Inop. Rate of Climb (at 5.000 ft): 705 ft/min.
    One Engine Inop. Service Ceiling: 35.000 ft
    Max. Altitude (2 engines): 41.000 ft

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  • Technical Specifications

    Length: 10,2 m
    Wingspan: 11,6 m
    Heigth: 3,4 m
    Length: 3,76 m
    Height (Max): 1,27 m
    Width (Max): 1,42 m
    Maximum Ramp: 6.034 lbs / 2.737 kg
    Maximum Take Off: 6.000 lbs / 2.722 kg
    Maximum Landing: 5.600 / 2.540 kg
    Empty: 3.634 lbs / 1.648 kg
    Fuel Capacity: 1.698 lbs / 251 gal / 770 kg / 950 l
    Useful Load: 2.400 lbs / 1.089 kg
    Available Payload w/ max Fuel: 636 lbs / 289 kg
  • Cabin

    ACCOMODATIONS: Seats: 6 max.
    PRESSURIZATION: Sea level cabin to: 21.500 FT Cabin Altitude at 41.000 ft: 8.000 ft


Are you interested in owning and flying your own Eclipse 550 or Eclipse SE? We´re more than happy to tell you all about it.