Eclipse Flight Training

Say it with me: “I Am a Jet Pilot.”

At ONE Aviation we provide convenient and timely scheduling so you can fit training into your busy schedule. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, training and flying your Jet needs to be fun as well as educational. ONE Aviation embraces a comprehensive training program that is designed to exceed practical test standards. The Eclipse Jet training program highlights topics such as Single-Pilot Resource Management, Risk Management, Aviation Physiology, and Upset Recovery Training. You can become a Jet Pilot!

    • Prior to starting your type rating, you need to comply with several pre-requisites. Depending on your previous experience you might already meet most requirements, such as: RVSM certification, High Altitude, High Performance, Jet Basics, etc. Most of these will usually be covered during your type rating.
    • Other pre-requisites for your Eclipse type rating are: IR / ME Piston / Upset Recovery Training. If you don´t meet these requirements, please feel to contact us for a list of our training partners.
    • The pre-requisites IR / ME / Upset Recovery Training are not included in your free initial type rating that you will receive with your Eclipse 550 or Eclipse SE.
    • If you are only holding EASA licenses and looking to register your jet within EASA member states, you can choose for EASA flight training for our Initial Type Rating and Recurrent Courses at our location at Groningen Airport Eelde, the Netherlands (EHGG).
    • An Eclipse Gold Service Center is located at Groningen Airport Eelde and will give you access to maintenance during your training.
    • EASA training will be conducted on type. For further information click “On Type”.
    • If you would like to get your type rating under the FAA regulations, you can choose either for an “On Type” Initial Type Rating in the US or the Simulator training at SimCom Orlando, US.
    • Please find further information under the “On Type” or “Simulator” buttons.
    • The initial type in your own airplane includes roughly 10-14 days of instruction, either with ONE Aviation authorized instructors within the US, or our European authorized training provider YourPlane AG (DE.ATO. 106) at Groningen Airport Eelde, the Netherlands.
    • You will become familiarized with the vicinity of the airport and receive first class training.
    • Course materials including computerized based training included.
    • Hangarage for your airplane available most of the times.
    • Maintenance on side for live training.
    • At Simcom Training Center in Orlando, USA
    • Safely practice emergency procedures that could be difficult in the airplane
    • Full motion, Level D training device – as close to the real thing as it gets !
    • Pilot Examiner on staff
    • 14-day course
    • 25 hrs flight training, no 2nd check ride required.
    • Start your mentortraining i.e. while ferrying your new Eclipse across the Transatlantic.
    • FAA and EASA qualified mentor pilots available.
    • Annual requirement for all Eclipse PIC to stay updated in regard to the continued safe operation of the Eclipse Jet.
    • 3 day ground school and about 6 hrs of flight sessions.
    • Your choice of completing the recurrent training in a Simulator or your own Eclipse Jet.
    • When you transition from an Eclipse 500 to a 550, you‘ll receive a 3 component course with ground school, cockpit and flight training.

„I moved up to the Eclipse from a Cirrus with about 200 hrs total time… now I‘m a Jet Pilot!“ – Alexandra Knorr


Are you interested in owning and flying your own Eclipse 550 or Eclipse SE? We´re more than happy to tell you all about it.